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Litigated Divorce in Galveston, TX

In some situations, divorce can be handled relatively peacefully outside of the courts, either through mediation or privately between divorcing parties. In other situations, however, the divorce process can become adversarial and require the intervention of a courtroom judge.

This situation is called divorce litigation, and it is one of the situations in which having an experienced divorce lawyer like Wilfried P. Schmitz becomes especially valuable.

The Litigation Proces

All divorce begins with a petition for divorce, which must be filed in the county of your residence. Once it has been filed, the other party will be served with the petition and required to file an answer or counter-petition.

In an uncontested divorce, this may be as far as it goes: Both parties will agree to the terms detailed in the petition and the process can continue. However, if the divorcing parties cannot agree to the terms of divorce, additional steps are required.

Before a case goes to court, mediation is a necessary step in most courts. This is a process through which divorcing parties sit down together with their respective attorneys and an independent mediator, with the goal of working out the terms of divorce. If the terms cannot be settled in mediation, the case will be tried before a courtroom judge who will make a final ruling.

An Experienced Texas Family Law Attorney

Litigation can be a long and complex process, and you need a family law attorney who is experienced and knowledgeable about the law. Wilfried P. Schmitz & Associates, P.C. has served Galveston’s families for over 30 years, and we are committed to protecting the interests and rights of our clients.

Whether you need legal counsel to guide you through the divorce process or a tough attorney who will stand by you in court, we are here to help you in this difficult time of transition. Contact us for more information or to schedule a consultation with our family law attorney.

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