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Establishing Paternity in Galveston, TX

Establishing paternity is crucial to determining parental rights and responsibilities. In situations where the identity of a child’s father is in question –
such as extramarital affairs or children born out of wedlock – paternity testing can resolve this uncertainty. Establishing paternity and determining parental rights is one of the family law services offered by Wilfried P. Schmitz & Associates, P.C.

Paternity and Parental Rights

A child’s biological father has rights and responsibilities to that child, regardless of whether he is still involved with the mother or holds legal custody of the child. Thus, paternity issues can affect both parties in a relationship.

Paternity testing is a fairly straightforward process by which a child’s DNA is compared to the apparent father’s in order to find a genetic match. This will alleviate doubts over paternity when more than one man claims to be the father of a child, and can prove whether or not a man is a child’s birth father if he denies it.

Establishing Support and Custody in Galveston

A paternity test can be completed without an attorney, but it is always best to consult with a family law attorney first in order to protect your rights and interests. An attorney may also be necessary to file a paternity case if one parent is unwilling to consent willingly to testing.

Whether you are a father seeking paternal rights such as visitation, or a mother trying to prove paternity as part of a child support case, Wilfried P. Schmitz & Associates, P.C. can help you with the process of establishing paternity and handling parental rights, custody and support. Contact us today to learn more or to schedule a consultation.

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