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Post-Divorce Modifications in Houston, TX

Divorce is final, but its terms don’t have to be permanent. Circumstances can change, and custody and support arrangements that made good sense at
the time may no longer be relevant to your life. For this reason, the terms of a divorce can always be modified – and if you need assistance with petitioning for changes, the family law office of Wilfried P. Schmitz & Associates, P.C. can help.

What Can Be Modified After Divorce?

Once property and assets have been divided after a divorce, that ruling is generally considered final.
However, issues like spousal support, child support, and child custody can be modified as necessary to reflect your family’s needs and situation.

Reasons for a post-divorce modification may include:

  • Career changes leading to an increase or decrease in income, affecting support payments.
  • The changing needs of growing children, affecting custody arrangements.
  • A parent moving to another location, affecting child custody or visitation.
  • Disease, disability, financial hardship or other factors affecting support.

If your lifestyle or circumstances have changed since your divorce, contact the family law attorney at Wilfried P. Schmitz & Associates, P.C. for a consultation. We can help you understand your options and guide you through the process of petitioning for post-divorce modification.

Family Law Services in Houston, TX

For over 30 years, we have helped Texas families through their difficult transitions – from filing for divorce to establishing prenuptial agreements, we are here to provide family law services and legal counsel for your needs.

To learn more about our firm, or to schedule a consultation with a Houston family law attorney, contact us today.

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