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Relocation Suits in Houston, TX

Divorce and custody arrangements can make family life complex – and when one parent decides to move to another city or state, these issues become even more complicated. Children have a right to frequent and continuing contact with their parents, but geographic distance can make that more complicated.

If you share custody and are considering a move, you should discuss your options with family law attorney Wilfried P. Schmitz to ensure your custody rights and your child’s interests are considered. Likewise, if you know your ex is considering relocation, you may be able to file suit to ensure your child stays close by.

Imposing a Geographic Restriction

In order to protect the rights of both a child and parents, Texas courts have the ability to place geographic restrictions on a child’s residence. This means that, for the foreseeable future, a child must remain within a particular geographic location – an arrangement that can affect a parent’s ability to relocate.

Several factors may affect the likelihood of the court placing a geographic restriction on a child’s residence:

  • Job prospects/employability of the parent
  • Educational opportunities for both the child and parents
  • Community ties for the child
  • The role of each parent in the child’s life

If you have had a relocation suit filed against you, preventing you from moving while holding custody of a child, you may be able to counter the suit or make a case for the benefits of relocating; we can help.

Custody and Other Issues of Family Law

Family law issues surrounding divorce, custody and child support can be complex, and you shouldn’t try to handle them on your own. Count on the experience and knowledge of a trusted family law attorney like Wilfried P. Schmitz.

For more information about our family law firm, or to schedule a consultation to discuss your individual situation, contact us today.

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