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Things to look for in a Texas divorce attorney

On Behalf of | May 23, 2019 | Firm News

Contested divorces in Texas are a special breed and you’ll naturally want an attorney familiar with them to help you think about your options.

After all, your divorce will probably involve the same kids, cars, houses and complications your marriage did.

There are a lot of divorce attorneys out there vying for your attention. How do you make clear clear-headed and effective decision?

Experience and credentials

Take time think about the stakes your divorce will have for your specific circumstances. They’ll help suggest the expertise you’ll want on your side.

Look for and ask about experiences in the custody or asset issues you’re most concerned about.

How often have they taken on Texas divorce mediations and trials, especially involving significant asset and custody negotiations?

Throw some your curve balls, possibly interstate or international divorces or children with special needs. The attorney may have interesting experience, training or thoughts to bring to the table.

Have they published or taught on divorce issues? Are they active in any professional organizations dealing with divorce law?

Comfort and trust

One set of irreconcilable differences is enough. You should feel comfortable talking to your divorce attorney.

Divorces can involve very intimate details and intense emotions. You should feel you can be honest with your attorney and trust their guidance.

Style and approach

Every marriage is different and maybe so is every divorce. Some divorce attorneys are better prepared to match your needs than others.

The Texas divorce process sometimes forces divorcing spouses into mediation. You may even prefer an orderly approach involving mediation.

Do you think this divorce requires more of a battlefield general than a negotiator? The attorney’s philosophy, experience and adaptability are qualities you’ll want to assess.


Complex divorces and highly prepared attorneys usually cost more. After all, the attorney’s qualities and qualifications may affect what you stand to lose or gain in the divorce.

Like anything free, free initial consultations are attractive. But don’t automatically disqualify an attorney who expects compensation for their time, research and perspective.

An in-depth discussion of the stakes of your case can help you understand the value an attorney can add to the outcome of your divorce.