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Should you fight over your airline miles during a divorce?

After your marriage ends, you may be planning to use your airline miles for a much-needed trip to paradise. If you acquired your miles during your marriage, though, they are probably community property. Consequently, your spouse may claim some ownership interest in the miles you have accrued.

Airline miles are a frequent sticking point in Texas divorces. Whether you decide to fight over ownership of your miles may depend on the answers to three questions.

Can you value your airline miles?

If you have enough airline miles for a trip around the world, you may think your miles have significant cash value. That notion may not be correct, however. Many airlines explicitly state that rewards points are not convertible to cash. With others, the superficial cash value may not accurately reflect the buying power of your accumulated miles.

Can you transfer your airline miles?

Even if you want to give your airline miles to your spouse, the program’s rules and restrictions may prevent you from doing so. After all, many rewards programs prohibit the transfer of points. With others, you must pay transaction fees or penalties to complete a transfer.

Can you give up other assets?

After considering the value and transferability of your airline miles, you may have some idea whether they are worth fighting with your spouse. If both you and your soon-to-be ex-husband or -wife want exclusive ownership of your miles, you may be able to surrender other assets in exchange for them.

On the other hand, if giving up other assets does not appeal to you, you may decide simply to avoid a fight over your airline miles.