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3 surprising factors that may complicate your divorce

If you are thinking about ending your marriage, you may want to talk with friends and family members about their divorces. After all, those who have gone through divorce may have valuable insights to help you better manage yours.

Still, no two divorces unfold in the same way. Here are three surprising factors that may complicate matters.

1. Your spouse’s legal counsel

Your husband or wife probably has wide latitude to hire the divorce attorney he or she wants. A divorce lawyer, of course, has many opportunities to influence your divorce proceedings. For example, an aggressive attorney may convince your spouse to fight over matters he or she would otherwise not have much interest in litigating.

If you must go toe-to-toe with this type of attorney, you may have to pay higher legal fees. Your divorce may also drag on longer than it should.

2. Your spouse’s view of your parenting style

Having children always adds some complication to divorces. Still, if your husband or wife disagrees with your parenting style, he or she may be ready for a scorched-earth custody battle.

3. Your spouse’s greed

Because Texas is a community property jurisdiction, you can probably plan to receive roughly half of everything you and your spouse own. If your spouse is greedy, though, he or she may try to deceive you. That is, your soon-to-be ex-husband or -wife may hide assets in the lead-up to your divorce.

This deception may affect your divorce in a couple ways. First, you may have to hire a forensic accountant or another financial professional to find hidden assets. Even worse, if your spouse is successful, you may miss out on your fair share of the marital estate.