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Committed To Achieving Optimal Resolutions

Going through a divorce can be an incredibly turbulent time. No one anticipates getting divorced, and when you and your spouse decide to part, the legal issues you face can seem insurmountable.

Divorce can become contentious and drawn-out. At Wilfried P. Schmitz & Associates, P.C., we are committed to resolving your divorce and other related legal matters in an efficient, workable manner. We work with you to develop a strategic approach to resolve your case amicably when possible.

Making Difficult Decisions In A Stressful Time

As the end of a legal partnership, divorce means that everything shared within that partnership must also be divided. This can become particularly complicated for high-income couples, couples with children or long-term marriages. We will assist with:

To form a strategy that achieves your needs and goals, we need to understand your home life, financial picture, shared property and other unique considerations. From there, we will work together to form a realistic strategy that prioritizes an efficient resolution and protects your future.

Dedicated To Amicably Resolving Differences

Many divorcing spouses can benefit from an amicable resolution. This seeks to resolve the divorce and all related issues outside of the courtroom in a more collaborative and private setting. Attorney Schmitz is committed to amicably resolving family law issues when possible, especially when children are involved. A contentious courtroom battle can significantly affect your co-parenting relationship moving forward as well as the lives of your children. We will work to achieve a collaborative resolution.

In some cases, alternative dispute resolution methods are not possible. When litigation is necessary, Mr. Schmitz will leverage his decades of experience to be an assertive, effective advocate for you in court.

Discuss Your Needs With A Lawyer

A divorce attorney will provide you with the knowledge and guidance you need to make informed decisions about your future. Contact our office to schedule a consultation. Call us at 281-486-5066 or email us. Our firm serves clients in Harris, Galveston, Fort Bend, Brazoria and Liberty counties.