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Protecting Your Future In Property Division Matters

At first, the division of your property and assets may seem simple. Each spouse is entitled to their fair share. However, deciding on what that fair share includes can be complex.

Since 1984, Wilfried P. Schmitz & Associates, P.C., has guided divorcing Texas couples throughout the process of dividing their property and assets. We understand the emotions involved when splitting one household into two. We will provide you with realistic expectations and representation throughout the process of dividing your property.

What Is Community Property?

In Texas, community property laws dictate the division of assets of a divorcing couple. All marital property must be fairly or equitably divided. However, in Texas, this does not necessarily mean a 50-50 split. Rather, there are multiple factors to consider, including:

  • Whether the property is considered marital or separate
  • The status of the property when it was acquired
  • Contributing factors to the divorce
  • Whether one spouse retains primary custody of children
  • The income and earning capacity of both spouses

Separate property will remain separate. This includes anything owned prior to marriage, as well as anything gifted to or inherited by one spouse. This could include family heirlooms, gifts or more.

Navigating Shifting Laws And Complex Considerations

Attorney Schmitz is a board-certified family law specialist who will provide your property division matters with sound guidance. In thoroughly assessing your property, Mr. Schmitz will also consider the impact of new federal or state tax laws on your property division matters.

The outcome of property division matters can significantly affect your life after the divorce. We will listen to your concerns and priorities, including whether you wish to retain the marital home or other significant assets. We will provide sound guidance to advocate for what is in your long-term best interests. Considering your options and making informed decisions can avoid the risk of making hasty choices with lasting implications on your life moving forward.

Speak With An Attorney

If you are confronting the reality of property division in a divorce, consulting with a lawyer can provide clarity throughout a challenging time. Schedule a consultation with Mr. Schmitz to learn how we can assist. Call us at 281-486-5066 or send us an email.