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What Our Clients Are Saying

Strong Tough No Nonsense Attorney

Wilfried went above and beyond in my case. We were fighting an uphill Battle and in the end had a major Victory. He believes in Justice and fights for the rights of Parents. Have recommended and will continue to recommend him to every parent fighting for their rights.

5.0 star Avvo Review — Posted by Scott

Great Attorney!

Mr. Schmitz has always provided me with excellent advice and service. He is extremely knowledgeable, hardworking, trustworthy and compassionate. Going through a divorce is extremely difficult, especially when children are involved. Mr Schmitz and his staff have always treated me very kind and really listen to what is important to me. His ethical approach to child custody matters really sets him apart from other attorneys. Mr Schmitz always puts the best interest of the children involved first. Without hesitation, I strongly recommend Mr Schmitz. He really fights for you and your children and goes above and beyond for his clients.

5.0 star Avvo Review — Posted by Karina

Practices Law With Integrity And Dignity

What impresses me most about Mr. Schmitz is that he is smart, tough, and a formidable opponent, yet stays within the boundaries of integrity. He has a confident, commanding presence, and while working with him I was often struck by his extensive expertise. He always took the time to explain every step of the legal process to me in terms that I could understand, and consequently helped me get through one of the darkest events of my life with minimum anxiety. Even his office staff is kind, courteous, and very competent. If you are in need of legal assistance, then trust me, you want this team on your side!

5.0 star Avvo Review — Posted by Ronda

Professional And Grounded.

If you are looking for a lawyer to feed your belly full of all the fluffy promises your heart desires keep looking. If however you want a lawyer that will be honest with you and set you with a realistic set of expectations, which he can and will deliver on; you will be hard pressed to find a better lawyer than Wilfried Schmitz.
Wilfried was recommended to me by a very close friend who had worked with him in the past. My friend told me that he had used a different lawyer in the past on his case and that he wasted a lot of money because he should have used Mr. Schmitz the entire time.
My case was to gain primary custody of my child due to a severe change in living environment with her mom. Wilfried was very deliberate and realistic in giving me a good idea of what to expect throughout the case and always gave advice that turned out to be true and helpful to the situation we were working with.
Needless to say we won our case. I will absolutely use Wilfried Schmitz for any future legal needs and would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone in need of legal help.

5.0 star Avvo Review — Posted by Jonathan

A Fulfilling Experience

Mr. Schmitz is a smart and ethical lawyer who will be concern about your individual situation. He understands the emotional and physical turmoil that a person experiences during a divorce. Unfortunately I have experienced many attorneys in the past looking for their own best interests instead of the interests of the client. This would certainly not be the case with regards to Mr. Schmitz. He has also demonstrated high knowledge and experience in the way the legal system works.

5.0 star Avvo Review — Posted by JB

If You Want A Lawyer Who Will Get The Job Done, Don’t Look Anywhere Else!!!

I was in a complete crisis and Mr. Schmitz came through for me with no hesitation. I had a very difficult case and was told by several people including legal counsel to friends, that there was no way that I would be able to win. At the very last chance of something positive having to happen and walking into court for my trial, I had no idea what was in store. My ex and family just stared and smirked at me as I was in the court room waiting for the hearing to start. Soon after the hearing began and Mr. Schmitz, the mood of the whole room changed. Not knowing what laid ahead as far as my life was concerned and what direction I was going to have to take, I knew what I was trying to prove was the right thing, and Mr. Schmitz believed in my case as well. All I can say is as soon as we started and I watched him practice the law, I began to breath again and I sat back in my chair and I just knew my prayers were answered. In my experience with having to find the right lawyer, there is nothing more fulfilling than having a lawyer who can represent you with the knowledge, wisdom, and guidance as Mr. Schmitz did with me. He not only helped win my case, but in my opinion taught a lot of people a valuable lesson of “It’s not so much who you know, but what you know,” and when it comes down to it , if you want an experienced, intelligent lawyer who is not afraid to shoot you straight, I highly recommend you look no further.

5.0 star Avvo Review — Posted by anonymous

Extraordinary Case With A Far Better Outcome Than I Expected — An Attorney With Integrity.

Wilfred Schmitz represented me in a divorce proceeding involving my adopted teenage son and his (biological) mother (my wife) who emotionally abused him and has now since deserted her son. I am also a business owner. The case was complex due to me being a business owner and extraordinary due to me, an adoptive father, getting custody of my wife’s child having only been married 6 years and being his adoptive father only 4 years.

Despite the opportunity to pit one against the other, as most divorce cases present, Mr. Schmitz was level-headed, diligent, professional and primarily used a problem solving approach as opposed to a confrontational style. I never sensed he was only in it for the money. I was tempted to go to trial to prove the truth to the Court, which would have resulted in significantly more money for Mr. Schmitz. However, he advised me the settlement offered by my wife was an incredible opportunity and I’d likely pay her 3-4x more and run up significant legal fees if we went to trial. Additionally, I’d have to potentially split my business income during our divorce process which would have surpassed the settlement amount. Financially it was a grand-slam for me.

Again, Mr. Schmitz, although compensated well during the process, could have earned double the fee if we went to trial and I’d have suffered a severe financial setback. As “wrong” as my wife had been it would have been easy for him to nudge me in that direction for his own benefit. Instead he had conversations with opposing counsel which resulted in a settlement that was incredibly favorable. He also could have easily tipped off opposing counsel of my financial position to serve his own financial purpose but he didn’t. My wife put forth a settlement prior to discovery being completed.

Mr. Schmitz personally counseled me as well. He told me I couldn’t make her be a mother to her son. Paramount to him is the child’s vulnerability during the process. He frequently asked about my son. It was my only divorce, so his objective, experienced viewpoint of the process and my situation was priceless. His concern was genuine.

She now lives 2 miles from her son with no contact; she repeatedly violates the divorce decree. If I engage a family law attorney again it will be Mr. Schmitz. He has proved to be a man of integrity. He is fair and is a comforting influence in a potentially ruinous situation. His staff was professional and considerate as well. With him as your counsel you will not walk away feeling like you were fleeced, either by him or your ex-spouse.

5.0 star Avvo Review — Posted by Beaver

What’s In The Best Interest Of The Children…

Mr. Schmitz helped me work through a situation where my ex had become VERY lackadaisical in her responsibilities of parenting. As an example, my child didn’t want to come to my house after school. After a semester of school last year, he had approximately 38 zeroes and 40 other failing grades. This was his last year of Junior High and I could no longer stand by and watch the deterioration of what had been a very good academic career.

The process was long and arduous and every case is different, but I felt like that Mr. Schmitz was very open, honest and didn’t set expectations that were beyond reason.

Go in with full knowledge that Mr. Schmitz won’t be taking your case because he wants money. My impression is that he has been in practice long enough. That is not his driver. Mr. Schmitz wants what is best for your kids.

He will be tough on you, because that is how he determines what the truth is. I worked with Mr. Schmitz for a year before he finally decided to take my case.

It was not cheap, but I was integrally involved in my child’s first year of high school. The custody papers were changed. And the freshman grades of high school improved dramatically. It’s going to be close, but National Honor Society is pretty darned good and that was the expectation that was set at the beginning of the school year.

My original lawyer was lazy and unorganized.

Mr. Schmitz is a hard worker that works seamlessly with his staff.

It helps if you are the same. Don’t go thinking that you are going to give him your sob story, write a big, fat check and come back in 60 days and everything will be tied up in a bow.

Treat this situation like – you have a certain amount of time and input before your kid grows up and there is a sense of urgency to get a problem fixed. If you need him, Mr. Schmitz or one of his staff will respond quickly. Give them the courtesy of doing the same.

Finally…be prepared to compromise. This is not about you “winning”.

It’s about your child.

5.0 star Avvo Review — Posted by anonymous

Divorce Case Involving A Pre Nuptial

Upon being told to leave my home, I asked friends and business associates who they recommended for me to consult with, knowing there were divorce papers. Wilfried Schmitz was recommended many times over. From the beginning, Wilfried was methodical in his guidance through what became a mine field of very dangerous decisions.
Wilfried and his staff were extremely efficient with their detailed presentation of case facts in a jury trial. Being a complicated divorce, which took over 2 1/2 years to bring to closure, I feel they gave me appropriate time and attention. I was always represented in a professional manner. Divorces are unpleasant for all parties. Through all the unpleasantries, I can truly say I am glad to have Wilfried Schmitz and his staff representing me. Wilfried and his staff did a remarkable job in bringing my case to a successful end.

5.0 star Avvo Review — Posted by Johnny

The Best Man For The Job

Obviously going through a divorce is an extremely difficult time in ones life. I was a devoted father that was very involved in my children’s lives and was scarred to death of the prospect of losing my children. From the moment I first sat down and spoke to Mr. Schmitz I knew my children and I were in great hands. He took the time to sit me down and explain everything. He explained the process, what to expect from his staff and him, what to expect from the opposing side, tricks the opposing side would try to play, how to handle every situation and what to expect after the divorce was final. Low and behold everything went just as he said it would. One of the most remarkable traits of his is that he honestly cares about you and most importantly the children of the divorce. It was incredible how prepared he was for everything that came our way. I walked away with sole legal custody of my children and we have moved forward and are all doing great.

Thank you Mr. Schmitz for your professionalism, trust, honestly, comfort, communication and for taking care of my children and I through this most difficult of times! I would also like to thank your wonderful staff for all they did! I would highly recommend Mr. Schmitz for all your legal needs!

5.0 star Avvo Review — Posted by Jim

Legal Support And Care For Clients

Mr. Schmitz is experienced, trustworthy, thorough, diligent, communicative, honest, tenacious, relentless, approachable, empathic, kind, and genuinely cares for his clients. This, combined with his attention to details, his focus and determination, makes him a powerful asset to have on your side in legal circles. Mr. Schmitz and his office staff have helped and represented in court and have ensured that my rights and the rights of my children were protected and upheld. Mr. Schmitz and his office staff have served me and my children exceptionally well. Without hesitation and reservation, I recommend you use Mr. Schmitz for all your legal needs.

5.0 star Avvo Review — Posted by James Kantara